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Credit Pretoria

Credit Pretoria

Credit Pretoria


Looking for credit in Pretoria? Credit salvage companies can help you! Credit Pretoria can help you when you are looking for a personal loan or a home loan. Credit Pretoria will find the best and most competitive loan for your needs. Credit Pretoria also offers invaluable services such as: Debt consolidation and help with rescission of judgements. If you have been blacklisted credit Pretoria can help you with small but invaluable services such as applying for a cell phone contract. Credit Pretoria’s customer service will offer the best advice for any kind of credit need.

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Credit Salvage Companies in South Africa

Credit Salvage Companies

Credit Salvage Companies


Credit Salvage companies offer a number of invaluable services that can help you in any kind of financial problem. If you are looking for debt consolidation or recession of judgements, credit salvage companies can help you find the best solution for your needs. Credit salvage companies also offer personal loans to help you with school fees, holidays and emergencies. For home loans credit salvage companies offer competitive rates as they will shop around on your behalf. If you are blacklisted, credit salvage companies can help you, from clearing judgements to the more everyday issues such as getting a cell phone contract.

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Trading Name : Credit Salvage Debt Counsellors
Phone : 087 898 0897
Fax : 0865374733
Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Final Registration Date : 2014-04-07
NCR Registration No. NCRDC2338
Physical Address : 63 North Road, Linden
Postal Address : PO Box 5725, Cresta, 2118
Town : Linden

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Employers and Debt counselling in the work place

Employers and Debt counselling in the workplace


Stress caused by financial worries has and will always have a negative impact on employee productivity. This fact is supported by numerous studies and surveys taken over the years and the latest was audited and surveyed by Pricewaterhouse Inc

Employees get distracted by their own personal financial issues at the workplace, some of whom will actually use company time and resources to deal with their personal finance issues.

As soon as personal financial issues affect employees work performance the company will lose valuable hours of work due to these stresses and distractions. These lost hours will add up and will have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. Not only will these financial stresses lead to many valuable lost hours for the employer but will have a significant impact on morale in the workplace.

By offering our Debt Counselling services to your employees who are experiencing debt stress, we will immediately empower your employees with relevant information they need in order to become financially fit again. This in turn and will result in a more engaged and stable workforce.

Benefits of Debt Counselling/ Debt review in the workplace

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Presentations
  • We come to your offices and meet the employees for their convenience
  • Free workshops on educating employees on how to manage their personal finances
  • Debt Counselling is 100% free for the employer. Employees will pay a reduced instalment in terms of the National Credit Act
  • Decreases Employees Financial Stress Levels
  • Improved performance
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Minimise employee mistake that was caused due to financial stresses and pressure received from loan sharks, debt collection agencies and lawyers
  • Minimise garnishes orders
  • Reduce requests for staff loans or pay advances
  • Have an educated workforce who knows how to manage their personal finances
  • Presentations will be held in groups but consultations are held privately with each interested employee for the sake of confidentiality.

Credit Salvage can help you

Financial stresses in the workplace concern all employers from big, medium to small. We have a range of services and resources in place to assist financially stressed employees.

If you are an employer and would like the assistance from a professional company to help and reduce the financial stresses of your employees please contact Credit Salvage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Help with Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation Help

Debt Consolidation Help


Dealing with false promises and false perceptions about  Debt Consolidation Help


A credit provider company or bank will be able to give you debt consolidation help. If you feel you are drowning in debt you might be thinking it is time time to get help with debt consolidation. Debt consolidation help has a perception that it will enable you to take all your debt and put it under a single loan, making repayments easier. 

Every bank or credit provider company has its Interest rate and credit policy and it is up to the credit provider to decide whether you can afford the repayments on the loan. 

It is advisable to get debt consolidation help from a registered and reputable debt consolidation company. There is also a misconception that a debt consolidation loan will help you save hundreds if not thousands!

Dealing with the truth about debt consolidation loans.

If you have reached a point in your life where your debt is becoming a problem to repay you might have considered applying for a debt consolidation loan. 

As soon as you have thought about the info that is supplied to you in this short article about Debt Consolidation Loans, you will be in a much better position to identify whether a Debt Consolidation Loan is the most suitable choice out there for you today.

In easy terms, Debt Consolidation Loan is a loan that gets granted to supply you with the funding needed to pay off all your present financial obligations while only having the consolidation loan to repay. 

Will You Get Approved For Debt Consolidation Loan?

In this day and age with the strict National Credit Act and reckless lending rules, it is difficult to get a Debt Consolidation Loan. To qualify you must have a squeaky clean credit history and a credit score that is not in the proverbial risk zone. Simply put, to get a Debt Consolidation Loan, you will not have any adverse accounts reflecting on your credit report.

The disadvantages with a Debt Consolidation Loan is that if you do qualify for a loan the amount on offer might not be enough to cover all your debts. Consumers will still take the loan even though the amount is not enough to cover all debts creating an extra massive debt burden to settle. 

Before considering a debt consolidation facility please contact us first. Our debt counselling product might be a far superior product to assist you to get rid of debt.

Read more about Debt counselling here https://www.creditsalvage.co.za/index.php/all-blogs/33-debt-review-process-step-by-step-guide-2019

Help us help you to break the chain of being over-committed

Help us help you to break the chain of being overcommitted

Help us help you to break the chain of being overcommitted


Step 1

Distinguish between luxury and necessity, then cut back on credit card use for luxuries.

Step 2

Commit to paying your accounts in full each month on time and if possible do not use credit
cards at all.

Step 3

If you have many accounts and credit cards concentrate on closing one account every month or alternatively every second month until you are down to a couple of manageable ones.

Step 4

Cash has always been king, so set up a personal budget and only use cash. Stop purchasing on accounts or with credit cards until you have reached a position where your disposable income is favourable.



  • If you stop using a credit card or account facilities, the account will not be cancelled unless you call the company and request the account to be closed. If the account is not closed, the account will still attract admin fees, facility fees etc.
  • Keep credit cards and store cards at home or anywhere else, other than in your bag or wallet.
  • Set up a budget and do not pay one credit card with another.
  • Avoid withdrawing cash using your credit card unless in extreme emergencies. The transaction fees are high, and interest begins accruing immediately.


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