Struggling with overwhelming debt and fear of losing your assets?

The debt review process offers you a lifeline, guiding over-indebted consumers through a structured, legal pathway to financial freedom. With six clear steps, from initiating the application to receiving a clearance certificate, you can consolidate your debts, protect your assets from creditors, and pave your way to a stable, debt-free future.

Embrace this opportunity to transform any financial chaos into harmony and join countless of South Africans who have already reclaimed control over their finances. Discover how our personalised debt review process can change your life in a profoundly positive way.

 Application for Debt Review

Step 1: Application for Debt Review

Debt Review Process Step 2

Step 2: Financial Assessment

Debt Review Notification to Creditors

Step 3: Notification to Creditors

Repayment Plan Development

Step 4: Repayment Plan Development


Step 5: Negotiations and Agreements

Debt Review Process Step 6

Step 6: Restructured Payment

Navigation to Financial Freedom

Our guided debt review process is a legal, structured way out of debt. With a simple application, we will notify your creditors and assess your finances to determine an affordable repayment plan for you.

Our negotiations lead to creditor acceptance and court-ordered assurances, ensuring the terms are respected as we work to suspend any legal action against you.

Our streamlined program lets you pay your debt through a PDA. Once you're debt-free, we'll clear your credit record, giving you a better financial future. You're only one step away from a calmer life with Credit Salvage.

Below is a step-by-step guide on what to expect, including costs and timelines, when you choose to use debt review to manage your finances.


Form 16

Upon deciding to enter debt review, you’ll need to complete and submit an application form (Form 16) alongside necessary documents like ID, pay slips, and bank statements. Cost R50. Can be paid at the end of the month


Within 5 days of application

Form 17.1

Notification to Credit Providers (Form 17.1). Within 5 days of receiving your debt review application, we notify your credit providers of your application with a Form 17.1

5 days after receiving Form 17.1



Credit Providers Issue Certificate of Balance: Credit providers will respond with a COB detailing your account information, typically within 5 days after receiving Form 17.1

5 days after receiving Form 17.1

Within 5 days of receiving COB

Form 17.2


Assessment - If declared over-indebted, a Form 17.2 is sent to all credit providers. This occurs shortly after the assessment, typically within 5 days .

10 Business Days

Restructuring Proposal

After discussing our restructuring proposal with you, we send it to your credit providers, who have up to 10 business days to accept or respond with a counter proposal. First installment due on your salary date. Cost: First installment will be paid to Debt Counsellor. No further restructing fees to be charged.

10 Business Days

Within 60 days of your application

Court Order for Restructured Debt

Within 60 days of receiving your application, our debt counsellor will seek a court order to confirm the restructuring plan, providing legal protection and stopping any legal action against you. Fees: We don't hire pricey lawyers to do this because we have our own legal team that can handle it, which means you save a lot of money on legal fees. You'll only need to pay a one-time legal fee of R1330, and we'll take this out from your second payment.

Monthly until all debts settled

Payment Through Payment Distribution Agent (PDA)

You begin paying the restructured amount to our PDA, who then distributes payments according to the proposal and/or court order. You get detailed statements EACH MONTH. Queries will be handled by our firm quickly and effectively. Cost 5% off your monthly installment set with no increases and will never exceed R450 irrespective of how much you pay monthly. E.g. Reduced installmet of R5000 the monthly fee will be R5000 X 5% = R250

Monthly until all debts settled

Once all restructured debt is paid off

Issuance of Clearance Certificate

Once all restructured debt is paid off, we issue a clearance certificate and notifies all relevant parties, removing the debt counselling indicator from your credit profile. Cost - Free with our firm.

2 Weeks after issuing Clearance Certificate

Credit Bureau Clearance

We take an extra step beyond what our competitors offer. We work closely with five leading credit bureaus to make sure your credit profiles are updated, making it look like you've never missed a payment. Additionally, we stay in touch with all your creditors to make sure their records show no signs of you being under debt review. This diligent follow-up ensures your financial records are clean and accurately represent your current financial standing. Cost Free

2 Weeks after issuing Clearance Certificate

6 Months after issuing Clearance Certificate

6 Months after debt settlement Care Service

We take our service a step further. After you've successfully completed the debt review process, we'll continue to offer support and guidance for an additional six months. This includes helping with any questions you might have, as well as providing advice on significant financial decisions, such as buying a house or a car. We'll also guide you on the potential drawbacks of accepting certain loan offers, ensuring you make informed choices moving forward. This diligent follow-up ensures your financial records stay clean and accurately represent your new and improved financial standing. Cost Free

Why Choose Us

We are more than just a debt review company; we're your partners in navigating the stormy seas of financial uncertainty. Founded on principles of integrity, transparency, and unwavering support, we have dedicated ourselves to helping South Africans regain control of their finances with dignity and confidence. 

Our team of certified debt counsellors brings years of expertise and a compassionate approach to each case, ensuring personalised solutions that fit your unique financial situation. By choosing Credit Salvage, you're not just finding a way out of debt; you're stepping into a brighter, more secure financial future.

Our commitment extends beyond the immediate debt review process; we empower you with the knowledge and tools for sustainable financial health. Our educational resources, ongoing support, and tailored advice are designed to prevent future financial pitfalls, ensuring that once you step out of debt, you stay out.

Embrace a life where financial well-being is not just a temporary relief but a permanent state. With Credit Salvage, embark on a journey not just to recover, but to thrive.


18 Years of

With 18 years of dedicated service in the debt counselling industry, Credit Salvage has been at the forefront of financial rehabilitation in South Africa. Our seasoned journey through countless success stories and complex financial landscapes has honed our expertise, making us a beacon of hope for those engulfed in debt. 

Fast & Effective

Discover fast and effective debt rehabilitation solutions with Credit Salvage, where financial freedom is just around the corner. Our expert and streamlined process ensure your journey out of debt is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your unique financial needs. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a stable financial future!

Industry Experts
798 Stories of Success

With over 798 verified reviews, our commitment to transforming lives through expert debt review solutions shines brightly. Our satisfied clients are a testament to the effectiveness and compassion we bring to every case. Each review reflects a real story of financial turnaround and peace of mind regained.

Regulated Pricing

At Credit Salvage, our transparent pricing seamlessly integrates into your debt restructuring, ensuring no surprises, just smooth progress towards financial freedom. Focus on overcoming debt without extra strain, as fees are included in your repayment plan. Simplify your journey to financial stability with us.

About Us

At Credit Salvage, we stand as your financial beacon, illuminating the path to solvency with expert debt review services. Rooted in the rich soil of South African values, our dedicated team is committed to crafting custom financial strategies that not only salvage your credit but also restore your hope.

We pride ourselves on our legacy of transparency, compassion, and unwavering support, ensuring each client steps into a future where financial stability isn't just a goal—it's a guarantee. With Credit Salvage, you're not just repairing your financial past; you're rebuilding a foundation for a prosperous tomorrow.

About Credit Salvage

What Clients Say About Us

Get a taste of our clients' glowing testimonials. There are many tales of financial rescue and hope. Credit Salvage clients describe their experiences on platforms like Google Reviews and Hello Peter as life-changing. Sleepless nights are replaced with restful slumber, and daunting debt is turned into manageable milestones.

Many of our clients share stories of our understanding professionals providing more than just services. These reviews are not just recommendations; they are the echoes of real people reclaiming their lives, an inspiring chorus inviting you to join the ranks of those who have successfully navigated their way to financial well-being with Credit Salvage.

“I thank the Lord for Sindile and his tons of patience and dedication. FINALLY I AM FINANCIALLY FREE and all the credit goes to him and his amazing team of colleagues. The service was amazing and the process was transparent and encouraging. I highly recommend anyone to partner with them in getting their finances restored.”

“Excellent service received from both Alfred and Chemonay the only place that says and does what they mean. will definitely recommend thank you so much.”

"I hereby would like to thank Alfred from Credit Salvage for his exceptional customer service. His swift responses to my requests and concerns eased the finalization of all my accounts being settled in full, and my credit profile being cleared, as well as my credit score updated. Credit Salvage produces what so many other companies claim, yet cannot do. Well done Alfred & team for excellent customer service delivery. I am Ecstatic with the results"

“The service from Credit Salvage so far is impeccable special thanks to Chemonay Tarr and Alfred for always keeping me up to date and making me feel like a customer should feel.... keep up the great work guys and keep fighting the good fight.”

Financial Crossroads: Triumphs Through Debt Review vs. The High Cost of Going It Alone

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