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Debt Counselling Calculator

Do you feel like you're never going to get out of debt?

Would you like to get out of debt but don't understand how much each month you have to pay?

The truth is that debt can weigh you down, with our debt review service you can escape with the assistance of an intelligent debt review plan!

This debt review calculator shows how much you have to pay every month to get out of debt after a certain period.

The more funds you can afford to set aside for debt repayments under the debt review programme will ensure you get out of debt faster

Start your journey in becoming debt-free.

To use this calculator

  1. Debt counselling debt Amount: Use your overall or TOTAL debt due to credit providers
  2. Renegotiated interest rate: This is the renegotiated interest rate we will negotiate on your behalf. Renegotiated interest rates vary under debt review and can be anything from 0% to 15.5%. A good renegotiated interest rate will be 9%
  3. Years to pay. Use this slider to choose between 1 and 5 years. As you use the slider it will indicate the amount that needs to be paid each month to settle all your debt before the desired term.
  4. Monthly payments. This is the amount you need to each month

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Debt Counselling Repayment Calculator