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National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005 - Debt Review

National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005 - Debt Review

“The purposes of this Act are to promote and advance the social and economic welfare of South Africans, promote a fair, transparent, competitive, sustainable, responsible, efficient, effective, and accessible credit market, and industry, and to protect consumers, by-

(c) promoting responsibility in the credit market by-

(i) encouraging responsible borrowing, avoidance of over-indebtedness and fulfilment of financial obligations by consumers; and

(ii) discouraging reckless credit granting by credit providers and contractual default by consumers.

(d) promoting equity in the credit market by balancing the respective rights and responsibilities of credit providers and consumers.

(g) addressing and preventing over-indebtedness of consumers, and providing mechanisms for resolving over-indebtedness based on the principle of satisfaction by the consumer of all responsible financial obligations;

(h) providing for a consistent and accessible system of consensual resolution of disputes arising from credit agreements; and

(i) providing for a consistent and harmonized system of debt restructuring, enforcement, and judgment, which places a priority on the eventual satisfaction of all responsible consumer obligations under credit agreements.”

Section 3(c)(d)(g)(n)(i)

Copy of the National Credit Act

National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005 - Debt Counselling

Janse van Vuuren Judgment - 3 September 2019 (Affects Debt Review Applications)

Janse van Vuuren Judgment - 3 September 2019

In terms of a full bench Judgment, a consumer can only end his/her Debt Review process by issuing a Clearance Certificate in terms of Section 71 of the National Credit Act. 

It was held that a consumer cannot Apply to Court to be declared no longer over-indebted or rescind a Debt Review Court Order.

Find attached a copy of the judgment



Debt Counselling Fee Guidelines 2018

Debt Counselling Fee Structure 2018

Recommended Debt Review Fee Structure 2018

Find attached a copy of the fee structure

Debt Review Fee Structure

Analysis of the causes and consequences of over-indebtedness in the SADC region

Analysis of the causes and consequences of over-indebtedness in the SADC region

Analysis of indebtedness and over-indebtedness in the SADC region using FinScope Surveys. 

Prepared by Finmark Trust

Authors: Ashenafi Beyene Fanta, Kingstone Mutsonziwa, Bobby Berkowitz, and Roelof Goosen.

Find attached a copy of the Research

Over-Indebtedness in Southern African Development Communities

Major Credit Bureaus Contact Information

Credit Bureau Contact Information

Compuscan House
3 Neutron Avenue
Techno Park
South Africa, 7600

Tel: (021)888-6000
Tel: 0861 51 41 31
Fax: (021) 861-2424


Wanderers Office Park
52 Corlett Drive Illovo
Tel: 0861 482 482



Johannesburg (Head Office)
Ballyoaks Office Park
Tel: (011) 799-3400 


7 St Davids Office Park St Davids Place Parktown Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: (011) 645-9100 https://www.xds.co.za
Credit Ombud - Contact Information

Credit Ombud - Contact Information

Call Centre:
0861 OMBUDS (0861 662837)

“Help” to 44786

086 674 7414


Physical Address:
Fernridge Office Park, 5 Hunter Street, Ferndale, Randburg

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 805, Pinegowrie 2123


Credit Salvage Money Back Guarantee

Credit Salvage Money Back Guarantee

Credit Salvage Money Back Guarantee

We really don't think you will need it. But just in case, every payment that is made on any of our services comes with a 100 % 14day money-back guarantee. We are extremely confident that our service which is the very best in the industry, will cover you're every credit rehabilitation requirement and needs. We want to bring you total customer satisfaction and make sure that you always will feel safe and sound with us. That is why we back every service offering, with a 100 % money-back guarantee (14-days after subscribing).

Credit Salvage Money Back Guarantee

National Consumer Protection Act

National Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act is designed to promote equality, transparency and good practice among suppliers of products or services and consumers. The Consumer Protection Act extends only to contracts signed after April 1, 2006.

Please find attached copy of the National Consumer Protection Act


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