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Client Testimonials

Thandiwe, 32 year old operations manager from Kempton Park:
"I was extremely satisfied with the overall level of service which was provided to me from Credit Salvage. The information and advice which was given to me was understandable and I found that clearing my name was simple and easy".

"I found the staff extremely helpful especially Richard who kept me up to date with every aspect of the progress of my matters.He listened extremely well to all my concerns and advised me appropriately".

"I would recommend this fantastic service to everybody as I received prompt and efficient service. From the first contact I was helped by extremely helpful staff who did not judge the situation I founded myself in.Again thank you for your good service. Keep up the spirit of helping people and making life easy for others".


Oscar, 28 year old information officer from Midrand:
"I was first made aware of Credit Salvage through word of mouth and decided to sign up. I am very happy with your service you provide for people who find themselves in a desperate situation. The staff are extremely professional and treated me fairly at all times and I was being informed of the progress of my matters every step of the way".

"I am extremely satisfied with the overall level of service which was provided to me from Credit Salvage and I will recommend your service to anyone. With your help I now find myself in a better position as before".

Thank You

Luckey, 43 year old regional Secretary from Soweto:

"I was satisfied with the overall service provided to me by Credit Salvage. The information I receive from the staff was fairly easy to understand and I found the staff extremely professional and informative. I was called every week to advise me as to the progress of my listings".

"I was assisted in a professional manner and Credit Salvage saved me from a service provider that unfairly abused the garnish provision without any justification. I tried to sort this out myself but was unsuccessful. Credit Salvage helped me professionally to sort this out quickly".

"I was also assisted with a consolidation loan to consolidate my debts. Now the garnish has been removed, my debts have been consolidated and I have been cleared from the credit bureau”.
"I am happy to recommend your helpful service to anyone who is in need of help, be it credit clearance, disputes or debt consolidation to contact credit Salvage at once".

"Thanks, you made a difference in my Life".

Amos, 34 year old senior Administration Clerk from Springbok:
"I must say with complete confidence that I found your services extremely satisfying and professional. It was explained how the process works and I understood what needed to get done in order to get cleared from the credit bureau".

"I was placed under administration and with your help I was cleared from this extremely uncomfortable situation I found myself in. The staff was extremely helpful and I received calls at least once a week to inform me as to the progress of my removal".

"My comment is, I have found very satisfying work from your side so that I can go on with my life. Working in the Police service for 15 years I felt very comfortable to give all my confidential documents for you to help me, which you did in a professional and efficient manner".
"I will definitely recommend anybody when he/ she needs the help or advice to your offices"

Yours faithfully

Altino, 36 year old Engineer Foreman from Burgersfort:

"The service rendered by Credit Salvage is absolutely excellent and will not take anything away from you, instead if I had time I would go to all the newspapers and write a letter telling them of the excellent service I received from you"

"I found the staff extremely helpful and attended to my every request. The consolidation loan process was extremely helpful as it paid for all three of my outstanding judgments whereby you attended to the removals of those judgments. I am now cleared with your professional help. You have enhanced my life where similar companies like yours failed to help me".

"I will sincerely recommend anyone who seeks your assistance in credit clearance and consolidation as the service I received was the best I have received in years"

Many thanks again

Thulani, 21 year old Service Engineer from Pinetown Kwa-Zulu Natal:

"Thank You for the wonderful Service. I was given true information from the start and found it extremely helpful. The person who was dealing with my file always knew exactly what was going on with my case. This made me feel part of your organisation even if we were always communicating via telephone"

"Keep up the wonderful work and if you treat all your customers like you treated me you organisation will grow from strength to strength".

"I have already referred your services to my friends and family and I wish you all the best in the future."


Carlotte, 27 year old Secretary from Eldorado Park:
"The service I received from you is extremely good as you know exactly what to do and you are good at what you do. You are also very professional when dealing with me as your customer".

"Thanks for the professional service rendered and I am sure you will receive many more customers in the future"