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Welcome to Credit Salvage Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd

Assisting you with any financial problem you might face, with the following services

Debt Counselling Call today 0861692733

  • ✓Get immediate protection from your creditors (for 60 days) in terms of the New National Credit Act (NCA) through debt counselling.
  • ✓NO expensive loans are involved.
  • ✓After negotiations with your creditors a lower interest rate may be applied while under debt counselling.
  • ✓Pay ONE AFFORDABLE instalment to all your creditors. One instalment you can afford
  • ✓Your monthly payments to creditors may be reduced by up to 60% dependant on your circumstances and negotiations with creditors.
  • ✓Professional monthly guidance and caring advise until you have escaped the dreaded debt trap
  • ✓Extend your repayment period immediately
  • ✓Reduce high interest rates
  • ✓Protect yourself from being blacklisted
  • ✓We will deal with your creditors and debt collectors

Living a Debt Free Life again begins with a simple phone call. Call today to become debt free

Don’t risk your home, car, furnisher and appliances of being repossessed. Take action today by calling us for a free assessment.

Credit Clearance Call today 0861692733

Debt counselling not for you? But you are tired of being "blacklisted" or having a bad name with the local credit bureau Tansunion, Experian and XDS? Constant disapproved Credit applications - Remove Judgment or adverse information NOW!

  • Are you blacklisted?
  • Have you been declined that dream house you dearly wanted?
  • Have you been declined that beautiful car you had your eye on for the last year?
  • Have you been declined a loan facility to pay for school fees because of your adverse
    information held by the credit bureau?
  • Have you been turned downed that awesome job opportunity because of your adverse information held by the credit bureau?
  • Constantly declined loans and credit applications?
Legal ITC Clearance and Credit Clearance

Addressing your credit rating or credit clearance is the first step to getting ITC clearance and tackling a bad credit history head-on. Being blacklisted on ITC can be reversed. There is a few simple steps to making your ITC listing a thing of the past; because when you were blacklisted with whichever credit bureau, the idea was merely to get you to pay for your defaulted loan or other credit facility, not to prevent you ever again getting a good credit rating. Being blacklisted on ITC and with the credit bureau can be erased; with our help you CAN access loan and credit facilities again. Here's how:

  • Firstly, register with us for credit clearance.
  • Next we'll obtain your credit report from the credit bureau or ITC and start to erase your bad credit record and raise your credit rating.
Credit reports

We also offer comprehensive credit reports from the major credit bureaux in South Africa. This means you'd be in a better position to manage your loan and credit repayments easier and handle your credit more efficiently

Settlement negotiations

We negotiate with your creditors a favarble settlement discount in the event you wish to settle outstanding debt.

Reclaim your credit rating today!

Being blacklisted on ITC and having bad credit is not the end of the world. We can get you poor credit cleared and improve your credit rating. We will dispel the fear of credit checks and show you to a credit report that reflects your willingness to pay off loans and credit agreements and raise your credit rating. Credit clearance won't happen overnight, but it is not impossible. We clear you legally on all the credit bureaus. Start today to raise your credit rating and reclaim your life.

Remember you are not alone.

We also offer comprehensive credit reports from the major credit bureaux in South Africa. This means you'd be in a better position to manage your loan and credit repayments easier and handle your credit more efficiently

The blacklisted defaulters are among the 17 million "credit-active" consumers who owe about R1-trillion, according to the National Credit Regulator. And of the roughly 10 million in good standing, 12,6 percent are in arrears with monthly payments and on the radar screen of potentially being blacklisted. This news comes as consumers face the most severe cash squeeze in years with soaring prices of food, petrol and increased interest rates.

Petrol has recently risen by R0.61c a litre and there are even further talks of another record breaking petrol price increase by at least R0.65c a litre, pushing the price of unleaded petrol over the R10.00 mark.

Unfortunately, during the run-up to the imposition of the National Credit Act, financial institutions and other places that extend credit, went on some fairly hair-raising drives to get consumers on totheir credit books prior to June 1 2007, because the Act differentiates between someone already on the books and those who come on after the coming into effect of the Act. 

So don't feel embarrassed rather take action and clear your name NOW LEGALLY or take advantage of the national Credit Act and get legally protected from your creditors by applying for debt counselling/ debt review.

Most people do not realise that it is not the intension of legislation to blacklist people but it  is in fact the other way around. The purpose of a judgment is actually in fact to recover money and as soon as you have repaid the outstanding amount on the judgment you can then rescind the judgment and get it removed from your credit profile that is being held by the various credit bureaus in South Africa.

Credit Salvage Corporation SA (Pty) LTD now gives you the access to a variety of services that can turn your bad credit record into a good one and in the process improve your disposable income.