"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Thato Lemao for his exceptional service, I know as customers we very good at complaining but hardly ever recognize a great service that people are offering us". "I joined credit salvage for credit clearance late last year and was assisted by Thato Lemao all the way till this day. I have been blacklisted in ITC which was beyond my control, and he took me throughout this journey by advising, give suggestions as to how I should not worry"

"He will make means to help & mostly gave feedback. Believe as we speak my name is removed from ITC and the credit bureaus. He's like a brother that I never had, with his calmness he is willing to listen to my complaints & able to come up with a solution. That's really impressive. I don't have sleepless nights anymore, my life is back to normal again. I recommend Credit salvage Credit Clearance service to anyone who think's that being in ITC and the credit bureaus are the end. With the warmth of the treatment I received, I can never go wrong. Thank you so much Thato, please keep up giving exceptional service to other people as well"

"May bless you in your future en devours. You really going far" 10 July 2013


"I will like to take this opportunity to thank credit salvage for the good work they did for me in removing the dispute and assist me with credit clearance on my profile"

"My consultant Cynthia Malapane was of great help to me. from day one I presented my case to her, she never disappointed me. She was very helpful and patient with me always giving me feedback or progress on the follow up with ITC and the credit bureaus"

"Her attitude was great, thank you very much girl you really help me. to those who might have similar problems, I will recommend you to credit salvage. These people know what they are doing and I was very happy with the service I received"

"Cynthia please keep up the good work and also to your colleagues keep on helping people" 18 April 2013



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