Let's give credit where it's due. Dennis Sibanyoni from credit salvage deserves a star on the forehead for his patience and enthusiasm in his service delivery. If South African Call Centers and Companies had employees such as Dennis, this country would be a better place. Thanks, D. Keep it up my brother and don't let grumpy clients get to you. Stay as calm as you are. Bless you.

31 January 2014


"Great Personal service experienced by Dennis of Credit Salvage. They dealt with my blacklisting and credit clearance with dignity and respect which culminated in me having a very pleasant experience"
"I would recommend them to anyone because their price is reasonable and their service is excellent"
Vaughan van Eden

4 February 2014

Vaughan van Eden

"I got to know about Credit Salvage through a very small newspaper advert, and followed up through their website and fought positive feedback, later called their call centre and Breda gave me great feedback and recommendation and gave me application forms and as they say rest is history"

"My credit status is provisionally cleared pending formalities from trans union, however, the service is received from Breda, Richard, Dennis and Managing Director - Quinten was par excellent and are can't stop recommending their service to my friends and family, lots of South African citizen are struggling financially and Credit Salvage is better placed to assist and bring better life to them like is doing to me currently and am grateful"

"Thank you very much again"

6 December 2013


Legodi S

"Last year I found out that my name was listed at the ITC due to some unfortunate circumstances, by then I wanted to buy a car but I couldn't do to that. I contacted credit salvage, at first, I was very sceptical about them due to the fact that I heard about them from the internet" I called them and spoke to the lady which she referred me to the guy by the name Dennis. 1st thing I noticed about him was his professionalism towards me, I explained to him my problem then he took me through the process of what will happen and how is gonna happen then I agreed.

"These guys are very professional and transparent in everything, he kept me updated with each and everything that was happening with my profile, he called me and sent me e-mails on a regular basis. Dennis even explained the forms that I needed to complete" "I really felt comfortable and open to him, as I write this now my name has been cleared from ITC and i'm free to buy anything that I can afford on credit without any hustle about my credit profile"

Thank you very much credit salvage to have people like Dennis and your team as a whole, " ndinothulela umnqwazi" ( I salute you). bless you.

Godfrey S - 3 December 2013

Godfrey S


"In 2005 I lost my job and I was blacklisted. I couldn't secure any financial position, as a result, I decided to go back to school, later I was a trainee and I approached Credit Salvage for help, they assisted me to remove the defaults in my accounts and arranging affordable balances for me to pay and today I am clean with all the defaults. Thanks to Richard and Dennis. It was not easy but was worth it"

"Thanking you in advance for restoring my credit report"

29 November 2013

P Qcingca

"I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Credit Salvage and Dennis who has assisted me with a default that was causing serious challenges for me. Dennis was always ready with feedback and kept me updated with every step of the way"

"Thank you very much for the assistance and I am extremely grateful that Credit Salvage helped me with credit clearance and got rid of a default on my profile"
"I Highly recommend their services"

TeeTee Teunis H - 16 September 2013

Teunis H

"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Thato Lemao for his exceptional service, I know as customers we very good at complaining but hardly ever recognize a great service that people are offering us". "I joined credit salvage for credit clearance late last year and was assisted by Thato Lemao all the way till this day. I have been blacklisted in ITC which was beyond my control, and he took me throughout this journey by advising, give suggestions as to how I should not worry"

"He will make means to help & mostly gave feedback. Believe as we speak my name is removed from ITC and the credit bureaus. He's like a brother that I never had, with his calmness he is willing to listen to my complaints & able to come up with a solution. That's really impressive. I don't have sleepless nights anymore, my life is back to normal again. I recommend Credit salvage Credit Clearance service to anyone who think's that being in ITC and the credit bureaus are the end. With the warmth of the treatment I received, I can never go wrong. Thank you so much Thato, please keep up giving exceptional service to other people as well"

"May bless you in your future en devours. You really going far" 10 July 2013


"I will like to take this opportunity to thank credit salvage for the good work they did for me in removing the dispute and assist me with credit clearance on my profile"

"My consultant Cynthia Malapane was of great help to me. from day one I presented my case to her, she never disappointed me. She was very helpful and patient with me always giving me feedback or progress on the follow up with ITC and the credit bureaus"

"Her attitude was great, thank you very much girl you really help me. to those who might have similar problems, I will recommend you to credit salvage. These people know what they are doing and I was very happy with the service I received"

"Cynthia please keep up the good work and also to your colleagues keep on helping people" 18 April 2013



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