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I would like to take this opportunity to share my positive experience with Credit Salvage in rectifying my credit record. I highly recommend their professionalism and their consistent updates on the progress of my case. Unlike a previous provider I had a negative experience with, who, after receiving fees, became inaccessible through various channels provided to me, resulting in no improvement to my credit record and my eventual frustration. Upon discovering Credit Salvage, I was impressed by their efficiency. They managed to clear my credit record months ahead of their initial schedule. A special thanks to Sindile and Kelebogile for their hard work. I truly appreciate it.

I hereby would like to thank Alfred from Credit Salvage for his exceptional customer service. His friendly disposition and pleasant mannerism truly enhanced the service he provided. His swift responses to my requests and concerns eased the finalization of all my accounts being settled in full, and my credit profile being cleared, as well as my credit score updated. I recommend all individuals struggling with clearing their debt and credit profiles to contact Alfred. Credit Salvage produced what so many other companies claim, yet cannot do. Well done Alfred & team for excellent customer service delivery. I am Ecstatic with the results!!

I am very pleased with the service I received from Credit Salvage. Not only were they professional, but they were also very efficient in clearing my name with the credit bureaus. I would especially like to thank them for assisting me with a very difficult mobile network operator that had unfairly kept negative information on my account, even though I had settled my account with them for over a year and had received my paid-up letter. Shame on this mobile network operator, and kudos to Credit Salvage. A big shoutout to Chemonay Tarr for her excellent service.

Impeccable service from Credit Salvage.I joined CS for credit clearance, filled with hopelessness and despair and Chemony Tarr has held my hand , out of darkness into light. Prompt responses on all communication, professional and passionate . Now i can proudly say that i am debt free!!!.

I recommend CS for anyone who needs assistance in getting their name cleared. May God bless your company and may you continue to help others like you have done with me.

When I initially approached Credit Salvage, I was burdened by a tarnished credit history that seemed insurmountable. The road to financial recovery appeared daunting, and I felt disheartened and overwhelmed. However, from the moment I connected with your team, Alfred Veca, I knew I was in capable hands. His work professionalism, patience, and genuine concern for my financial well-being put me at ease and instilled a newfound sense of hope.

Alfred and the Credit Salvage team, please accept my deepest thanks for helping me reclaim my financial freedom, restore my creditworthiness, and ultimately fulfill my dreams. Your commitment to excellence and unwavering support have made an indelible mark on my life, and I will be forever grateful.

I wholeheartedly endorse Credit Salvage to anyone seeking credit repair services. Your integrity, expertise, and genuine dedication to your clients' success are unmatched. I am confident that anyone who has the privilege of working with you will experience the same life-changing results that I have. Yes, I am driving my DREAM CAR NOW!!!!!!!

Good day, I did the worst thing to ever go under debt review. For many years I have been trying to clear my name, company after company and large amounts of cash I thought I was in the clear as I was given a clearance certificate. When I found the company Credit Salvage they informed me that I have never been clear and that the cerficate was not valid. I was so heart broken, but credit salvage changed everything they were so understanding and jumpex right in to start the clearance process.

Both Sindile and Quintin went out of there way we started the process in March and on the 5th of April Zindile phoned me and said he had a early Easter gift for me have I opened my emails I told him no he said open it you have been cleared. I nearly burst out in tears I opened my mail and there it was the clearance certificate certified and all. I was so thankful because its been for years that I have been trying to clear my name, and it was Gods will to lead me to such a wonderful company and staff. Please never give up trying call Credit Salvage they are professional and very caring. Thank you Sindile and Quintin I will always appreciate what you did for me.

Good morning I wanna say thank you for the credit salvage team I have never been so blessed and happy in my life it was always a dream for me to see most of my credit removed from my name and it just became a reality. I am proud to say I am one step away from being credit clean now this is the kind of service we expect as South Africans. I have lost a lot of money trying to get my name clean. I have closed my heart and take a leap of faith and just look where I am now sometimes we have faith in people you do not know it's always difficult but I can guarantee you today have faith in credit salvage and thanks for their team. I will give you gladly a 5-star rating you deserve it I tip my head off for you guys

With Credit Salvage Corporation, I have been treated beyond the expectations.

I have worked with two amazing individuals with energy to deliver, high level of production and they are Chemonay Tarr and Sindile Ngulube.

Firstly I registered my wife as a test and then i later, after she has been cleared, registered myself. I am very happy with their services and have started recommending friend and families to them. Soon I will buying a house, home for my Kids and New Wheels for myself.

Thanks CSC........I am delighted!

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