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We offer the following services

  • Credit Clearance, removals of defaults, notices and trace alerts
  • Debt Counselling./ Debt Review Applications
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Credit reports from the major credit bureaux in South Africa. TransUnion, Experian and XDS

  • Let us take care of your creditors

    So you had financial difficulties in the past that affected your ability to honour your obligation
    towards creditors and these creditors hand you over to debt collecting agencies and lawyers.

    It is horrible receiving phone calls during working hours and you have to give them a commitment right there and then while everybody is listening in the office that you promise to pay a certain amount a month or you are exhausted and you get home and just as you are in the middle of your family supper the phone rings and guess what it's the inexperienced debt collector on the phone trying to make their target without listening to reason.

    It is irritating and degrading and not to mention the unpleasant demand letters from lawyers. Unfortunately the problem will not go away by simply ignoring it, instead the problem will just get
    bigger and you will land up with extra interest being charged and the dreaded legal fees.
    In the end because of the contract that was signed years ago with all that small print you will
    have to pay and if it does not get paid you will possibly land up with your possesions being taken
    away, garnishee orders initiated against your salary or even your house being repossessed.

    Register with us and we will help you take care of your creditors

    Once you take the first step by registering with CREDIT SALVAGE CORPORATION SA (PTY) LTD , we will immediately contact each of your creditors, individually, and let them know that we are in the process of clearing your name of any judgments with the local credit bureaux, and also let them know of your interest in settling your outstanding debt with them. Negotiating and reaching a settlement usually takes several phone calls and communication between us and the creditor and yourself. Throughout the program, we communicate with your creditors, on your behalf, andyou will no longer be dealing with burdensome phone calls and letters from your creditors. Our main goal as it is our company's mission statement is to clear all judgments that you might have. We work only for our clients; not for the benefit of the creditors. It is the first step to becoming financially secure, and debt settlement may be your best option.

    We're confident and our experience has shown that this is the best solution for many blacklisted consumers. However, we also fully understand that our debt negotiation and our credit clearance service is not for everyone, so let us give you an analysis and see if you qualify, and find out whether the service we provide is right for you. If our services aren't eligible for you or doesn't fit your situation, we'll even go out and find and refer you to a company that can better service your needs.

    The Debt Counselling Process:

    In terms of the National Credit Act (NCA) you may formally apply to a Debt Counsellor for debt relief if you are unable to meet your financial commitments under credit agreements on a monthly basis. We as your registered Debt Counsellor must first assess if you are over-indebted. The following process will be strictly followed as laid down by the National Credit Act (NCA) :

    step 1
    You will provide details of your income, monthly budget and debt commitments to us as we are registered debt Counsellor. It is important to only give out this confidential information to only a registered debt counsellor. In order to speed up the process you will need to give us copies of your pay slip, ID and the latest statements of all your credit agreements or debt obligations.

    step 2
    We as a registered Debt Counsellor will then do an initial assessment to check if you are indeed over-indebted.

    step 3
    We as the debt Counsellor will verify your budget and your existing debt commitments. We will formulate a new budget which you will have to agree upon to determine the amount available for debt repayment. At this stage we the debt Counsellor will also provide you with details of all the costs involved in terms of Debt counselling, as well as an interim debt repayment plan in terms of the debt counselling process

    step 4
    We as the Debt Counsellor will then contact all of your Credit Providers as well as the Credit Bureaus to verify your debts. In terms of the National credit Act You will also be noted on the Credit Bureaus as being under Debt Counselling and that your debt is in the process of being restructured. The notice will remain there until you have repaid your debts in full or where a court has deemed you not being over committed anymore (if in the case your personal circumstances changes). We the Debt Counsellor will then, where possible, negotiate the proposed restructured debt repayment plan with your Credit Providers.

    step 5
    If Credit Providers accept the proposed debt repayment plan, it will be made an order of the court by the local Magistrate's Court, referred to as a "Consent Order". However, if one or more of the Credit Providers do not accept the proposed debt repayment plan, the Debt Counsellor will have to submit it to a Magistrate for an order in terms of the National Credit Act.

    step 6
    We, your Debt Counsellor, will provide you with a final reduced debt repayment plan, which is then submitted to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). The aim of this is to collect a single payment from you and ensure that the correct amount in terms of the final debt repayment plan is paid to all your Credit Providers on a monthly basis. This will continue until all your debts have been paid in full, together with interest and legal fees, where applicable

    Credit Clearance Process
  1. Register
    Client registers with Credit Salvage Corporation SA (Pty) Ltd in order to cover administration
    costs. Click here to download our Registration application form

  2. Credit Checks
    We obtain your personal profile from the various Credit Bureaux, Trans Union ITC, Experian, Compuscan and we obtain your profile from the NLR (National Loan Register). From these records we will exactly see what to do in order to clear your name from the various credit Bureaux. We advise you accordingly and send you your profile for your own records. We establish and report on how many listings reflects on your personal profile. We also assist in setting up of a monthly budget

  3. Client agrees and signs Legal Pack and Mandate (Power of Attorney)
    We send you your legal Pack which shows you which companies have listed you as a bad
    payer. You will read the legal pack and if you are 100% with the legal pack you will sign the
    power of attorney and send us back the legal pack to commence with your matters.

  4. Creditors
    We contact your creditors and establish if there is an outstanding amount due to the
    creditor who has blacklisted you.

  5. Judgments which have been paid in full.
    All the listings which have been paid in full we will immediately send those creditors our legal documents for them to sign. The creditor will sign these documents and send back to us in
    order to apply for a rescission of judgment. Once we have received the original documents
    and a court file our attorneys will then apply for a court date and apply for a rescission of
    judgment. Because it is motion you don't need to appear in court we will do everything for you. Once the judge has gone through the necessary documents a court order will be issued to rescind the judgment. With this document which we will receive will then be forwarded to the various credit bureaux to permanently remove the listing from their database. A copy of the court order will also be forwarded to you for your records.

  6. Judgements which still has an outstanding balance
    All the listings which still have an outstanding balance we can then arrange a loan facility
    for you to pay off these creditors. We can't proceed further until the debt in question has been paid in full. Please see our loan products for the process. Once the loan has been approved we then negotiate on your behalf a better settlement amount. Once we have received confirmation of the new settlement amount the debt will then be paid. Once the debt has been paid in full the above mentioned step (number 5) will then be followed to obtain the rescission court order. Once you have been cleared form the adverse listings we will then assist with a home loan application.