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Help us help you to break the chain of being overcommitted

Step 1

Distinguish between luxury and necessity, then cut back on credit card use for luxuries.

Step 2

Commit to paying your accounts in full each month on time and if possible do not use credit
cards at all.

Step 3

If you have many accounts and credit cards concentrate on closing one account every month or alternatively every second month until you are down to a couple of manageable ones.

Step 4

Cash has always been king, so set up a personal budget and only use cash. Stop purchasing on accounts or with credit cards until you have reached a position where your disposable income is favourable.


  • If you stop using a credit card or account facilities, the account will not be cancelled unless you call the company and request the account to be closed. If the account is not closed, the account will still attract admin fees, facility fees etc.
  • Keep credit cards and store cards at home or anywhere else, other than in your bag or wallet.
  • Set up a budget and do not pay one credit card with another.
  • Avoid withdrawing cash using your credit card unless in extreme emergencies. The transaction fees are high, and interest begins accruing immediately.

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